Trans-Canadian Speed Record Attempt Preview | Dave Proctor


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Today we welcome Dave Proctor back to the show. Dave is a Canadian ultrarunning machine from Okotoks, AB. He will be starting his second attempt at breaking the Trans-Canadian speed record on May 15, 2022 with the goal of travelling from one end of the country to the other in 66 days by running an average of 105km/day. We first had Dave on the show in episode 13, where we talked about the Outrun Rare campaign, and his first attempt at breaking the record that ended halfway across the country in Winnipeg, MB in 2018. In this episode, we discuss what Dave learned the first time around, what will be different about this run, how he prepared for it, and what he is most excited to experience. We are super excited to follow along as Dave progresses along his epic adventure and we hope this episode will excite you too!
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