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Today co-host Kim Senechal breaks down her recent Sinister 7 50-mile race in Alberta, the first in-person race she’s run in almost two years. As if running 50 miles isn’t hard enough, this race was actually closer to 51.5 miles, it had over 9000 ft of elevation gain, and Kim completed this on the heels of moving two provinces over from the prairies, incurring crazy hail damage to her new house, starting a new job, and battling 38C degree heat! We get into what she did differently in her training to prepare for Sin 7, where her mindset was at going in, what was different re: COVID, what steps she took to avoid falling victim to the unusually high DNF rate, and how her recovery is going. It was really fun to have Kim on the other side of the mic this week answering questions and passing along the wisdom she’s gained through years of ultrarunning.
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