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Calvin Reimer is in his 3rd year of Kinesiology at the University of Manitoba and is part of the Bison’s track & field and cross country teams under the guidance of coach Claude Berubé. What struck us most about this fascinating interview is just how much the recreational adult runner can learn from an athlete like Calvin, who has lived and breathed running for a good chunk of his short life and is the product of a strong high school and club system.

It can be challenging to impress upon recreational runners just how important the fundamentals are -- warm ups & cool downs, mobility and core work, form & technique drills, strength training, and running almost every day with most of those miles easy and some of them REALLY hard! -- and yet all of this is second nature to Calvin because it’s all he’s even known. And judging by his several shiny new PBs (800m in 1:56, 1000m in 2:28, and 1500m in 3:55), it seems to be working for him.

From our vantage point, the future is looking pretty bright for Calvin. He has a strong work ethic, a genuine love of the sport, and an incredible support system - all of which will no doubt lift him to even greater heights.

Resources we discussed in the episode:

  • Favourite Mantra: If you don’t put in the work someone else will
  • Favourite Place to Run: On the Trans Canada Trail in Whiteshell Provincial Park (Falcon Lake)
  • Bucket List Race: U Sports XC Championships
  • Favourite Running Book: Running With The Buffaloes
  • Favourite Post Run Indulgence: Booster Juice (if he PB’d), Dairy Queen Blizzard

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