Pacer for Carolyn’s Las Vegas Rock ‘n Roll 10K Win | Kevin Beatty


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On February 27th Carolyn completely surprised herself by winning the Las Vegas Rock ‘n Roll 10K in a time of 42:04. She recapped the race extensively on social media so check out her Instagram for all the details (@coach_carolyn), but today we wanted to hear the story from her pacer’s perspective.

Not only is Kevin Beatty Carolyn’s big brother, he’s also a coach, an accomplished runner and our very first Inspired Soles guest from way back in Episode 3 (Treating Running Like a Sport). For this race she enrolled him to help her overcome a familiar pattern of giving up in the second half a race and then regretting it later. Even though she wasn’t quite sure where her fitness was at, her primary goal was to finish knowing she’d left it all out there on Las Vegas Boulevard. As you’re about to hear, not only did Kevin nail his pace bunny duties, he also capitalized on the party atmosphere and had a total blast along the way.
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