Masters Sprinting: Why Not You? | Dala Bortolussi


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Dala Bortolussi is a 53 year old masters sprinter from Brossard, QC. While she ran some track in high school, it wasn’t until her mid-40s that she rekindled her love for short events from 50m to 100m. After discovering how much fun it is to compete locally and across Canada over the past five years, Dala is now on a mission to bring others along with her. She serves on the board of directors for Canadian Masters Athletics and is using her platform to promote the sport and encourage more people, particularly women, to consider athletics (running, throwing, jumping, race walking) as a way to be active, challenge themselves, and meet inspiring people.

As you’ll hear in this interview, you don’t have to be fast or powerful to find your place and belong in this sport. There’s not even such a thing as being too old to take part, only too young since masters begins at age 35 and progresses from there in 5 year age categories. As with any new sport, there may be some nerves or even injuries to overcome, but after listening to Dala’s passion and enthusiasm for track and field, perhaps a tiny seed will be planted to reframe those fears as worthwhile challenges.
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