How Tom Vozzo Went From President of a Billion-Dollar Company to CEO of Homeboy Industries, The Largest Gang Rehabilitation and Re-Entry Program in the World


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Tom Vozzo is the CEO of Homeboy Industries, the largest and most successful gang intervention, rehabilitation, and re-entry program across the globe. He left a lucrative career in corporate America, where he had helped grow a company from $50 million to $300 million to over a billion dollars in revenue as President of ARAMARK Uniform and Career Apparel Group.

Convinced there had to be a better way to define success, in 2012, Tom decided to become a volunteer, unpaid CEO of Homeboy Industries, a nonprofit built on compassion, empathy, and social justice.

In this episode…

Corporate America is filled with many opportunities, but they’re inaccessible to many who are just trying to make a decent living. Former gang members and ex-convicts are one of the worst-hit demographics. These people come out of prisons but remain incarcerated by the lack of opportunities for a do-over.

Fortunately, Homeboy Industries is changing the narrative by taking on people with the worst circumstance for recovery and helping them become productive members of society. A former President of a billion-dollar company is here to share why he quit his job to take up an unpaid role and help people turn their lives around. So, how did it all begin, and where is Homeboy Industries heading?

Listen to this episode of the Inspired Insider Podcast with Dr. Jeremy Weisz featuring the CEO of Homeboy Industries, Tom Vozzo. They discuss why Tom quit corporate America to take up an unpaid role, the tough life of a former gang member, how Homeboy Industries is making a difference, and lots more.

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