Ivana Delevska - Investment Thesis for Industrial Technology Stocks


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There's a race going on in the industrial sector to modernize, technologize, compete, as well as de-carbonize.

Ivana Delevska, Chief Investment Officer, SPEAR Invest, joined us to discuss the her investment thesis and strategy, underlined by her firm's research that following roughly 5 years of underinvestment, industrial companies have significant capital expenditures in front of them to catch up on, which will lead to greater adoption of industrial technology. We get into the important developments that may make for some outsized opportunities in both the industrial and technology sectors, in the not so distant future.

Ms. Delevska is the Founder and CIO of SPEAR. She founded the Advisor in 2021 after spending 14 years evaluating and investing in industrial and industrial technology companies.

Ms. Delevska spent four years covering Multi-Industry companies at Deutsche Bank as a Vice President (2017-2018) and Gordon Haskett as a Director (2018-2021). Prior to that time, she spent 10 years as a Senior Analyst on the buy-side at several long/short hedge fund platforms: Tiger Management, Millennium Management, Citadel Asset Management, and Davidson Kempner.

Ivana started her career at JP Morgan in the Mergers and

Acquisitions Group. She graduated from the University of Chicago in 2006 with a BA in Economics.


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