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Welcome to the final episode of I TALK TO DEAD PEOPLE, our limited edition podcast series within the Wooniverse, spotlighting five incredible mediums and the art of mediumship!

Throughout her life, Psychic Medium, Zulema Arroyo Farley (AKA The Latina Medium) has suffered complex, hard-to-diagnose medical conditions and illnesses, yet by no means has she allowed those experiences to define her. Zulema is a former advertising & marketing senior executive, best selling author and along with her mediumship work, she is also the founder, board chairman, president and ‘face’ of Artz Cure Sarcoma™ Foundation, a non-profit foundation she created in 2015 along with her husband, Nick, following her own sarcoma diagnosis.

In this conversation, we speak about Zulema’s childhood, her experiences and process as a Psychic Medium and some memorable moments in her career.

*Warning: This episode contains shocking moments and raw or vulnerable content that may not be suitable for all audience members, especially children. Please listen at your own discretion. Thank you and we hope you enjoy this episode of I Talk to Dead People.

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