What's in a Name?


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Kick back and enjoy a cold Corona beer as we tell stories about the importance of names. From cameras to resumes to hormones, names matter.

George Eastman decided to name his company Kodak after playing a game of Anagrams with his mother. But the choice wasn’t an accident. It was a deliberately constructed name with a very clear intent.

Similarly the brewers of Corona beer didn’t pull that name from the top of their head, They had a very clear idea of who they were speaking to when they wrote that on the label. But did the outbreak of Coronavirus undo all that brand building?

And what would you name a newly discovered hormone that comes from the liver and is crucial for fighting type 2 diabetes? The people at SciMar decided on ‘hepatalin.’ And we will tell you why.

These science stories from history help shed light on the modern research being done on Type 2 Diabetes. Specifically, we highlight the work of SciMar as they examine the hormone hepatalin and the effect it has on glucose levels in people who are living with type 2 diabetes. www.SciMar.ca

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