Double Blind


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Join us for a wild ride through Vienna and Paris. We will hang out with Mozart, Marie Antoinette, and the incredible Dr Mesmer. We will drink cocktails and stay up way too late. All in an effort to answer the question: Is it possible that being blinded could help you see new things?

I’m not talking about literal blindness here, I mean when you intentionally deny yourself some key piece of information.

If you are hiring someone and are conducting interviews, would you make better decisions if the candidates were sitting behind a screen? Is a psychological study less valid if the participants already know what aspect of their behaviour you are measuring? And are there situations when the subjects and the experimenters have to be blinded?

These science stories from history help shed light on the modern research being done on Type 2 Diabetes. Specifically, we highlight the work of SciMar as they examine the hormone hepatalin and the effect it has on glucose levels in people who are living with type 2 diabetes.

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