Mothering with Schizophrenia


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One thing the internet especially loves to critique is other people’s parenting — especially mothers. What happens when mom lives with schizophrenia? Do people react differently?

Join us as our host interviews Lauren Kennedy West, a woman who lives with schizophrenia and recently gave birth for the first time. She documented this on her popular YouTube channel, “Living Well with Schizophrenia.”

Lauren tells us what the reaction has been to the birth of her youngest child and the difference in responses to her mothering her older two children, who came in a package deal when she married her husband.

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Guest Bio

Lauren Kennedy West is a mental health advocate who lives with schizoaffective disorder, bipolar type. She has worked as a social worker in various capacities, including in the mental health care system. Lauren and her husband Rob started the YouTube channel ‘Living Well with Schizophrenia.’ It’s intended as both an educational resource and a tool to help reduce stigma and connect people living through similar challenges. The channel is a resource for those living with the illness, their loved ones, healthcare professionals, and people who just want to know more. In addition to the YouTube channel, Lauren has delivered talks to various audiences including healthcare professionals, law enforcement, students, etc.

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