Grieving the Loss of a Child (First Hand Experience)


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Disney Channel star Cameron Boyce died over two years ago, but his parents are very much keeping his memory – and his legacy – alive. Join us as the grieving parents candidly share their healing process and what they wish the people in their lives would do differently.

They also discuss what people can do to manage their own grief. An illuminating first hand look at what parents who lose a child go through.

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Guest Bio

Libby Boyce grew up in New Haven, CT, and has lived in Los Angeles for 30 years. She has a degree in social work and has worked for Los Angeles County in health care administration for the last 28 years. In addition to a full-time position as a social worker, Libby also serves as President of The Cameron Boyce Foundation.

Victor Boyce grew up in Los Angeles, and has a degree in business. After being self-employed for many years he now devotes his time to The Cameron Boyce Foundation, where he serves as Vice President.

Victor and Libby, alongside close friends and family members created The Cameron Boyce Foundation in July of 2019, after the passing of their son, the late actor Cameron Boyce, who died from SUDEP (Sudden Unexpected Death in Epilepsy). The foundation was created to carry on Cameron’s legacy by supporting causes and organizations that were meaningful to Cameron, however its primary focus is raising awareness and research dollars for epilepsy. The lack of information that exists for this particular facet of the disease is astounding, and as such, it is their greatest mission to change that. Since the foundation’s inception, they have donated over $125,000 towards epilepsy research.

Victor and Libby are also parents to Maya Boyce, Cameron’s younger sister, who attends college in Boston.

The Cameron Boyce Foundation was founded in July of 2019, to continue the philanthropic legacy of the late Cameron Boyce. Prior to his passing, Cameron created Wielding Peace, a social media campaign to encourage young people to choose peace through creative outlets instead of turning to violence. TCBF’s mission is to raise awareness and research dollars for epilepsy and SUDEP (Sudden Unexpected Death in Epilepsy) through digital campaigns and programmatic partnerships, however the foundation additionally supports other causes that were meaningful to Cameron, such as ending gun violence as well as the global water crisis.

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