The Best of Inside Medical Malpractice Part 2


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Chris Rokosh ends almost every episode of Inside Medical Malpractice with the question “What is the most important thing you’d like doctors, nurses, lawyers, and the public to know about medical malpractice?”. The answers came from healthcare providers, plaintiff and defense lawyers, and a supreme court judge. The responses are as different as their perspectives….but always honest, insightful, and thought provoking. In this episode, listen in as Dr. Michael Narvey, Former Chief Supreme Court Justice Beverly McLaughlin, Ob/Gyn Dr. Colin Birch, Internist Dr. Danielle Ofri, and lawyers Virginia May, Barb Legate and Michael Waite offer up their advice. You’re going to love this episode! If you missed Part 1 of this episode, go back, and have a listen to the ‘best of the best’ of Inside Medical Malpractice. For more medical legal education, visit our website!

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