NY Lawyer Michael Kaplen Talks about Brain Injury and Medical Malpractice


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In this podcast, New York Lawyer Michael Kaplen shares his story about the client who focused his practice on brain injury litigation, which began a journey that led all the way to the White House. Michael offers multiple examples of how the medical management or misdiagnosis of brain injury can result in malpractice litigation. He then walks us through the process of a lawsuit in the NY which highlights some of the unique elements of US litigation. Michael offers particular insight into two fascinating subjects. First, what rights do the nearly 14 million international visitors to NY have if they become unexpectedly ill or injured, hospitalized, and suspect medical negligence. And secondly, what new issues are emerging in brain injury because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Michael also offers solid, practical advice to lawyers, healthcare providers and the public on what he feels is the most important thing to know about brain injury in medical malpractice. Don’t miss this incredibly interesting episode of Inside Medical Malpractice. It’s a good one! For more medical legal education, visit our website https://www.connectmlx.com/connect-to-education/connect-to-education

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