Nurse Lawyer Farah Ismail Shines a Light on Long Term Care


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Inside Medical Malpractice welcomes Nurse Lawyer Farah Ismail back for another fascinating discussion on Long Term Care. This episode shines a light on some of the events that have challenged the Ontario LTC system over the past few years, including a nurse serial killer and a seemingly never-ending pandemic. Don’t miss Farah’s insightful discussion into the unique challenges of Long-Term Care and offers advice for families, facilities and healthcare professionals on how to keep residents safe. Farah discusses the professional and legal obligations of healthcare personnel who witness unsafe care, emphasizing the requirement to prioritize the health and wellbeing of clients over the fear of retribution. This podcast has something for everyone – those who work in the Long-Term Care sector, have family members in care, or may one day become a resident. Don’t miss it!

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