Gary Will of Will Davidson LLP; The Orchard Villa Long Term Care Center COVID-19 Class Action Lawsuit


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In this incredibly timely episode of Inside Medical Malpractice, Chris Rokosh talks with Toronto lawyer Gary Will about the class action lawsuit involving the Orchard Villa Long Term Care Home in Ontario. Gary says this lawsuit is the biggest and most important challenge of his career. It isn’t just about the COVID-19 deaths in the spring and summer of 2020, it’s about a timeline that started years ago with a change of ownership, complaints about staffing, allegations of neglect and abuse, and multiple investigations by the Ministry of Long-Term Care. Learn about the specific allegations in this action, the challenges in the road ahead and how both Gary and the class members hope that litigation will improve the future of Long Term Care. The story is tragic. The issues are tough and divisive. But the lessons we can all learn are valuable. For more medical legal education, visit our website

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