Dr. Richard Rayman DDS Discusses His Role as a Dental Malpractice Expert


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In this very unique episode of Inside Medical Malpractice, Chris Rokosh talks with University of Toronto Professor Dr. Rick Rayman about his work as a Dental Malpractice Expert. Dr. Rayman shares the highs and lows of expert witness work and discusses how legal knowledge has, without any doubt, made him a better educator. For dentists and students of dentistry, Dr. Rayman identifies the biggest issues in dental malpractice today and offers great advice on how to avoid a lawsuit. For doctors, he offers ways to improve patient care when dentistry overlaps with medicine. To the lawyers who litigate dental malpractice cases, Dr. Rayman discusses the importance of careful listening. For anyone who goes to the dentist – which is pretty much everyone! - he shares details of two fascinating dental malpractice cases and offers great advice for all of us.

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