Dr. Colin Birch, Obstetrician/Gynecologist Talks about Medical Malpractice


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Dr. Colin Birch, Chief of Obstetrics at the Foothills Medical Center, opens this podcast with a fascinating discussion on the growing body of information surrounding the effects of COVID-19 on pregnancy, labor, and delivery. Then, he shares such an interesting and well-rounded perspective on medical malpractice, as the defendant in a lawsuit, a practicing physician, and a medical expert witness. Listen as Dr. Birch shares how these experiences changed not only his personal approach to medicine but focused his education of medical students and residents. He then talks about the important role malpractice plays in healthcare, and shares ideas for how a less adversarial approach might improve the experience for everyone. After 30 years of practice, this physician has a wealth of knowledge for all of us. Dr. Birch offers his best advice to doctors, nurses, lawyers, and the public on the most important thing they should know about Ob/Gyn medical malpractice. Don’t miss this podcast!

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