Atlanta Attorney John E. Hall Jr. Talks about Physician Defense


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Attorney John E. Hall, Jr. set out to build Hall Booth Smith into the finest litigation firm in the Southeastern US and he’s done just that. John is, among other things, a highly respected and experienced physician defense lawyer. His exceptional skill landed him a position on the National Counsel, a team of select attorneys who assist local counsel on birth trauma and other high exposure catastrophic cases. Listen in as John discusses his view on how inflated malpractice verdicts could result in healthcare crisis, then offers a solution for change. He discusses some of the potential issues associated with post COVID litigation including how healthcare providers can mitigate risk, how a pandemic changed the practice of law, and what the general public should know. He also offers great advice to lawyers on avoiding common mistakes in malpractice litigation and shares the most important thing that healthcare providers, lawyers and the public should know about medical malpractice. Don’t miss this episode! It’s a great one!

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