A Doctor Confronts Medical Error with Dr. Danielle Ofri, MD, PhD


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Dr. Danielle Ofri MD, PhD is one of the most thought provoking and influential voices in healthcare today. She is a clinical professor at NYU School of Medicine, an internist at Bellevue Hospital and the author of several acclaimed books including ‘When We Do Harm. A Doctor Confronts Medical Error.’ Her discussion on adverse events in healthcare will make you stop and think for a very long time. Listen as Dr. Ofri highlights the importance of communication in health care and shares the one thing we can all do today to improve patient safety. Dr. Ofri believes that COVID-19 has shone a positive spotlight on healthcare providers, offering a unique opportunity to affect positive change. She also shares why malpractice lawyers should care about how doctors feel in the wake of a malpractice claim. Don’t miss this podcast!

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