6/11 D-Fly & Dixie: Graduation


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D-Fly and Dixie are back to put a bow on the fantastic 2021 college lacrosse season. In their first ever June podcast, they catch up on life events and discuss the biggest stories of the past two weeks. Turns out there is plenty to celebrate and talk about.
The guys begin by catching up and then discuss the improvement of lacrosse gear, Championship Weekend, postseason awards and the close of the John Desko Era at Syracuse. Opinions are shared. Then they thank the fans and listeners for a remarkable and memorable season, while also destroying any last hopes for a Dunkin' pod sponsorship when Dix doubles down on trashing America’s favorite coffee and donut shop.
This week’s Jared Bernhardt-inspired Give & Go segment is about superheroes. The guys discuss their favorite heroes and talk movies and villains. Here’s a shocker that will shock no one: D-Fly is all about the Hall of Justice. Dix is anti-Superman and pro-Legion of Doom.
Remember lacrosse fans: stay positive and test negative. Enjoy the summer, while you can.

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