Illegally Feeding The Homeless, Coffee Balls, & A Stupid 9/11 Menu Theme


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S4E7 ~ Midweek BONUS Episode! -

Only in America can you get the cops called on you for trying to buy a homeless guy a meal. That's what one woman found out at a Popeye's in GA. Do you like your ground coffee wrapped in seaweed when you brew it? The Swiss think that the Earth-Friendly crowd will. Would you eat at a restaurant that served a menu based on the tragedy from the 9/11 attacks? Turns out, most wouldn't & the restaurant pulled the menu. This & more stupidity awaits in this bonus episode!

  • Half of Us Would Choose to Stop Sleeping If Our Bodies Didn't Need It;
  • ‘Extremely toxic’ Puss Caterpillars spotted in FL;
  • Man Survives 3 Days Lost in the Wilderness After Losing Arm in Alligator Attack;
  • TikToker Says She Resigned from Her Job After Given Ultimatum By Boss to Socialize More;
  • Dye spill turns stretch of SC Interstate highway pink;
  • A Man Was Arrested for DUI...After Driving His Car Into the Ocean;
  • He pulled a strange fish with BIG teeth from a FL pond. Was it a piranha?

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