Best Places To Have Sex..NOT On A Ferris Wheel, Doggy Donuts, & Ice Cold Balls


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Where, if you prefer such things, would you like to do some boot-knockin'? There's a poll to find out...but it doesn't include a Ferris Wheel--which is where one couple picked. My Insane FL Nephew, "Pancho Guero", explains that the patrons at the amusement park were not amused at this particular "attraction". The couple was even aware that people were watching. But so were the cops. People who treat their pooches like people was delighted to have a doughnut with their doggies. And Krispy Kreme was happy to oblige. If you're trying to amp-up your sperm count, you should freeze your balls off. And people are doing just that. You're going to crap gold bricks when you see the rest of the stupidity for this episode:

  • GOLD Could Hold the Key to IBD Treatment That’s Cheaper & Non-Invasive;
  • People Who Play Music While Studying More Likely to Have Higher GPA;
  • Forklift stolen from CA Home Depot in broad daylight;
  • A Gym Is Offering Free Hypnosis to Trick People into Enjoying Exercise;
  • Your Kid's Backpack Has 30 Times More Germs Than Your Phone;
  • Forklift stolen from CA Home Depot in broad daylight;
  • Scientists Find Glowing Arctic Fish With Antifreeze In Its Veins;
  • A Guy Trying to Carjack People Got Hit by a Car...Twice;
  • Here's Why Tommy Lee Posted His Wiener on Twitter;
  • Climate Change Could Force the Loch Ness Monster Out of Hiding;
  • Campaign Offers Free Belts to High Schoolers With Sagging Pants;
  • A ‘2-headed cat’ post from Animal Shelter gets attention on Facebook;
  • Guy Drops Daughter Off for 1st Day of School, Then Wrestled an Alligator;
  • Man Sprayed People with Bear Spray Outside of Restaurant.

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