A Whopper Cheeseburger Battery, God Gives Payback To Church Robber, & TV Antenna Operation 101


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When a Burger King Cheeseburger considered is weaponized in a battery assault charge, you know it's going to be stupid. When God allows a skunk to spray a man who tried to rob a church...WHILE he's being arrested, you know it's going to be stupid. And when you need an educational video to teach millennials how to use an over-the-air TV antenna so they can receive "free TV", it's going to be stupid! Which is why you're going to hear stories like this on this podcast! And my Insane FL Nephew, "Pancho Guero", & I both have plenty to share...

  • Camel burgers need to be your next NJ food adventure. Yes, really;
  • Family Sues Funeral Home Claiming a Maggot Wriggled Out of Their Loved One’s Eye;
  • New Health Trend: Taping Your Mouth Shut While You Sleep;
  • After 22 Years & 120 Court Hearings, a Guy Finally Got a 25¢ Refund;
  • New Scam: Notes on Cars That Say "Pay Me So I Don't Have to Rob You";
  • Purchases That Cashiers Might Think You’re Stupid for Buying;
  • Family Spends 48 Hours in the Wild Due to Google Maps; It Should Be a Lesson for Everyone;
  • Guy Calls Out Neighbor for Not Cleaning Up Dog Poop...So Neighbor Defecates on His Lawn;
  • Miller High Life Is Selling Alcoholic Ice Cream That Tastes Like a Dive Bar;
  • Naked FL man wielding machete tried to steal another man’s clothes;
  • Lottery Loser Shoots A Store Owner With Homemade Gun;
  • There's a "Karen" Action Figure Whose Nemesis Is "Joe the Manager";
  • There's a "Karen" Action Figure Whose Nemesis Is "Joe the Manager";
  • Spirit Airlines Employee Suspended After Fighting Woman;
  • Drug Dealer Arrested After He Sends "Random Text" to County Commissioner.

"Pancho" will also answer a couple more questions about life from a couple of folks seeking his sage wisdom & you can play along with "Pancho" to see if you can do better than he can in answering the stupid questions from this week's "Insane Game Show"!

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