A Crass Cussin' Coffeehouse, A Disorderly Disney Princess, & Quiet Firings


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S4E3 ~ Midweek BONUS Episode! -

A startup coffee shop in AL that goes by the "Biblical" term for "donkey" finds the local town fathers acting very stubborn about their new enterprise. A Pocahontas Princess from Disney gets disorderly after getting plastered. While some employees are "quiet quitting", they may also be the victim of a "quiet firing" by their boss. What is with all this stupidity? Find out this & more...

  • New Dating Trend: Having Dinner in a U-Haul;
  • Have You Tried the "Pantyhose-Candle Challenge"?;
  • Millennials Are Dumping Streaming Services...for TV Antennas;
  • 4 in 10 teens can’t tell the difference between real & fake medical information online;
  • A Man Didn't Like a Cigar He Bought...So He Set The Store On Fire;
  • MO School District Brings Spanking Back—& Says Some Parents Are Grateful;
  • A Drunk Driver Tried to Convince a Cop She's Sober...By Doing Ballet.

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