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Our guest in this episode is Nathan Barnes, who has 10 years combined experience of project management, event logistics, customer service, and media production utilizing organizational, decision-making, and leadership skills in high-pressure situations. Nathan is CEO of Greenlight Marketers, a Pay-Per-Click advertising agency ranked by Google as a Top 1% Premier Partner. With over 30 years combined digital marketing experience, the Greenlight Marketers team knows what it takes to develop and execute an effective online marketing strategy and love helping make their clients successful, by focusing on growing their bottom line revenue rather than vanity metrics.

In our conversation Nathan talked to me about

  • Removing friction points on the customer journeys, making things easy for the customer
  • Really knowing your customer and really caring about their success
  • Continuous learning and Always Being Curious

Listen to the podcast to find out more.

John Horn in episode 488 introduced us to Nathan.

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