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Our guest in this episode is Erica Holthausen, the founder of Catchline Communications, a collective of writers and editors partnering with consultants and business coaches to position them as sought-after experts. She coaches her clients through the process of writing, editing, pitching, and publishing high-quality, original articles. Her clients have by-lines in some of the most prestigious industry trade journals and business magazines, including Inc., Entrepreneur, Fast Company, Thrive Global, and EHS Today.

A contributing writer whose work appears in Coastal Home, USGBC+ Magazine, Traditional Building, and Period Homes, Erica is also a freelance editor for several association publications. She is currently working on a collection of essays and grappling with a novel.

In our conversation Erica talked to me about

  • How writing articles starts with knowing why you are doing that and who your audience is
  • How questions and conversations lead to great article topics
  • Being really clear about what we want to be known for

Jason Van Orden (episode 275) and Michael Roderick (episode 328) introduced us to Erica.

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