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Tonight your destination is the autumn forest, where you go foraging with your adorable rabbit pals: Hopscotch, Briarbun and Mosston. A cozy bedtime adventure story for imaginauts, insomniacs and other grownups.

YOUTUBE VERSION (subtitled, with charming watercolor illustrations) ||

|| Autumn Foraging with Your Rabbit Pals - Chapters ||

.You discover your herb cupboard is empty

.You head out with your stout boots and wicker basket to go foraging

.You run into your rabbit pals

.You all head to the meadow and find hawthorn berries and dandelion root

.You wind your way through the forest gathering wild violets

.You met Mr. Burdock the Badger near Greenway stream

.You go to the marshlands to gather cranberries

.You make your towards way home and meet Mrs. Cardinal

.Your rabbit friends accept your invitation to stay for the night

.You and your rabbit friends have dinner, sing songs and have a lovely evening

.You tuck your friends into bed and head to a cozy bed yourself

.Sleep well, fellow Imaginaut.

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