Ep 78 - How We Make Influencing Harder For Ourselves


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Are you getting in your own way when it comes to influencing?

When we're trying to influence, we often make it about other people and believe that they’re the problem. However, the way we are showing up greatly impacts our ability to influence effectively.

In this episode, I share the common ways you might trip yourself up and how to adjust your approach for a more positive result.

Listen for:

  • How to recognise when you’re reacting and what has triggered it
  • Using the 90 second rule as a tool for responding
  • Identifying your unspoken rules and values in the workplace
  • What unconscious needs are and how they influence our actions

After this episode I encourage you to explore your unspoken rules, values and unconscious needs, and reflect on how they’re impacting you as a leader.


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Ep 75: Are You A People Pleaser?: https://www.carlamillertraining.com/blog/ep-75-are-you-a-people-pleaser

Jill Bolte Taylor - The 90 Second Rule: https://www.psychologytoday.com/gb/blog/the-right-mindset/202004/the-90-second-rule-builds-self-control


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