Romantic Relationships: How INFJs Can Overcome Our Challenges and Learn How to Build Deeply Connected Relationships With Confidence


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We are kicking off Season 2 today, and it's all about romantic relationships!
As INFJs we greatly value our relationships, particularly with a romantic partner. We often prioritize meaningful connection and depth in our relationships, and we have high expectations of ourselves and our partners.
However, the nature of being an INFJ comes with some unique challenges when navigating relationships: We often struggle with anxiety, overthinking, and self-doubt, along with difficulty understanding ourselves and our partners. This can lead to us feeling disconnected in our relationships, which impedes and obstructs us from building the meaningful relationships that we crave.
We'll be diving into topics such as emotional intensity, anxious attachment, self-sabotage, and getting stuck in unhealthy relationship patterns. We'll also tackle tough topics such as fear of rejection, overanalyzing our partner's words and actions, and learning how to ask for the things we need without feeling like a burden.
In this episode we discuss the 3 pillars of healthy, connected relationships:
1) Self ~ Learning more about yourself and building self-awareness.
2) Partner ~ Exploring what you desire in a partner (or what you enjoy about your current partner), what your emotional needs are, and alignment of values.
3) Relationship ~ Using *understanding* to build a bridge of connection and growth between you and your partner, and how to navigate daily life to build a bridge toward your desired future.
Building each of these pillars provides a strong foundation for you to feel connected, confident, and secure in yourself, with your partner, and in your relationship.
I'm sooo excited for us to explore the ways we can use MBTI to help you feel empowered and confident in your ability to connect with your partner on the deepest level!
We're going to start something new this season ~ Q&A Thursdays! If you have questions about relationships throughout Season 2, I want to hear them!
I created a form on the INFJ Growth website where you can submit any questions you have about INFJs and relationships.
You can find the form here:
Feel free to ask questions at any time during Season 2, and I'll answer them on an upcoming Q&A Thursday! Ask me anything!
My goal is for us to explore real life examples using the cognitive function toolbox to help you navigate your relationships with self-awareness, clarity, and confidence!
If this episode resonated with you, I'd love to hear from you! It's so important for us to be here for each other, and to know we're never alone.
You can connect with me at, or send an email to :)
Special thanks to Jonathan for reaching out and inspiring this entire season! You rock!
I love you all!!
~ Jillie🖤🌿🌟

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