Q&A Thursday #4 ~ Handling Defensive Partners, Speaking Our Partner’s Language, and Staying Out of the “Friend-Zone” While Dating


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Come join us for Q&A Thursday #4! I included timestamps below in case you want to jump back and revisit any of these topics:
0:00 | Introduction
0:33 | Exploring Ti decision-making, love and appreciation languages for T types vs. F types, learning to speak your partner's language (Katrina)
6:45 | Ti types value independence and resist outside influence with decisions; reasons why Ti types (INTP, ISTP) and INFJs can trigger each other when discussing decisions
9:14 | Technique #1 for communicating with T types: Asking questions starting with "what" or "how" instead of "why" to help you gather information without triggering defensiveness
13:54 | Technique #2 for communicating with T types: Labeling emotions with phrases such as "it seems like you're feeling ___" or "it sounds like you're feeling ___" instead of using "I feel ___" statements (end of Katrina)
21:08 | How to handle when your partner criticizes you or compares you to them; learning to stay true to yourself and assert your right to be unique/different from your partner (Shelly)
29:58 | Dating: How to handle when you want a long-term relationship, but the other person wants to keep things casual/non-exclusive. Will the other person come around eventually? (Jacob)
37:26 | Dating: How to stay out of the "friend-zone" when you're interested in a long-term relationship with someone (Travis)
Thank you to everyone for asking questions and sharing your stories! We're all in this together!
Please keep asking questions throughout Season 2! I love exploring these topics with you all!
I created a form on the INFJ Growth website where you can submit any questions you have about INFJs and relationships.
You can find the form here:
Feel free to ask questions at any time during Season 2, and I'll answer them on an upcoming Q&A Thursday! Ask me anything!
My goal is for us to explore real life examples using the cognitive function toolbox to help you navigate your relationships with self-awareness, clarity, and confidence!
If this episode resonated with you, I'd love to hear from you! It's so important for us to be here for each other, and to know we're never alone.
You can connect with me at instagram.com/infj.growth, or send an email to jillie@infjgrowth.com :)
I love you all!!
~ Jillie🖤🌿🌟

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