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Ep 201

Additional GoTo Data Stolen in the LastPass Breach - TidBITS

Confirmed: Netflix Unveils First Details of New Anti-Password Sharing Measures

Apple Now Has More Than Two Billion Active Devices Worldwide

Apple iPhone's Emergency SOS via satellite saves two women stranded in British Columbia

Dog eats Apple AirTag. Once retrieved, it still works.

Apple Support app gains 3 languages, expands into 118 new regions | AppleInsider

512 Pixels: It Was Always Going to Be This Way

The Eclectic Light Company: The evolution of Apple silicon

Mac mini M2..made in Malaysia 🧐

Apple Explains Why HomePod Was Released Again, Wi-Fi 4 Limitation, and More

Hector Martin: “It's sad how Apple built, to my knowledge, the first platform ever that can do this (authorize third party OSes without compromising security of others) and the concept is just so unbelievable to everyone that they will confidently state otherwise without reading the docs nor give them credit for it.”

No, macOS doesn't send info about your local photos to Apple

Apple Releases macOS Ventura 13.2

Apple Releases iOS 16.3 With Security Keys for Apple ID, New HomePod Support, Bug Fixes and More

Apple gives some older iPhones OS updates, going back to iPhone 5s | AppleInsider

Inside the 1040ST

Today in Apple history: Mac clone-maker closes shop


Snimano 3.2.2023.

Uvodna muzika by Vladimir Tošić, stari sajt je ovde.

Logotip by Aleksandra Ilić.

Artwork epizode by Saša Montiljo, njegov kutak na Devianartu.

80 x 120 cm
ulje /oil on canvas
U privatnom vlasništvu /private collection

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