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Uncle (Musketshot) and Nephew (Mr. K) decided a couple of months ago to start up a podcast based solely on playing and reviewing Indie created video games. Musketshot is a casual gamer, since the early 80's. Starting with Pong, Odyssey, Atari 2600, etc. and now playing on Xbox One and Steam. Musketshot isn't an expert gamer, in fact quite lousy in some games, but loves experiencing different games all the time.Mr. K is an avid gamer since the mid 2000's. He has had all kinds of gaming systems, all the different Nintendo systems, PlayStation and Xbox. He now plays on Xbox One, Steam, Nintendo Switch, and occasionally other older consoles for fun. Favorite game is definitely Super Smash Bros. Mr. K has mad gaming skills and often beats games with 100%, examples are Cuphead and just recently Maneater. Mr. K is hoping to find a career in voice over acting. Hopefully a developer or developers will give him an opportunity to experience it and who knows maybe some day make a career out of it.Musketshot and Mr. K are interested in talking to all Indie Developers. Whether you are working on a phone app or console game, we want to talk to you and try out your game.Follow us on Twitter, Like us on Facebook, or email us at Indiestructablegaming@gmail,com.Thank you for checking us out.

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