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Julio is joined by Anjali Enjeti, author and co-founder of the Georgia chapter of They See Blue, and Anoa Changa, journalist and editor at NewsOne, to unpack the results of the Georgia Senate runoff election, and what it signals about party dynamics in the state and across the country. They get into voting issues in Georgia, including barriers to voting, the impact of organizing and voter outreach, and what we can expect in the next Senate session.

ITT Staff Picks:

  • Anoa Changa writes about her experience trying to vote in the Georgia runoff election and how a new state law, SB 202, has impacted the voting process in this piece for NewsOne.

  • “Thus, not only do Southern voters face serious barriers to voting, but GOP gerrymandered congressional and state legislative districts have reduced the value of their votes,” writes Anjali Enjeti about the barriers that Southern voters, especially Black and brown voters, face at the polls in this op-ed for the Los Angeles Times.

  • Matthew Brown writes about the racist history of the Georgia runoff election system, and how it was created to “dilute Black voting power,” in this piece for The Washington Post.

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