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Join us as we talk with Ping Lau, Sculptor & Doll Artist about her unique journey to creating dolls, from illustrator to sculptor on In The Doll World doll podcast
Ping shares with us her encounter with Marie Osmond and how that meeting truly kicked off her career and lead her to over 12 years working with Marie Osmond in helping to sculpt and along with a few other artists, Marie Osmond Dolls.
Ping's dolls, paintings and other creations have been displayed at art galleries, art shows, and on national TV on the Home Shopping Network. Her doll kits are carried by retailers such as Ashton Drake, Doll Dreams, and Paradise Galleries.
A part of this show is also dedicated to something Ping Lau has been wanting to share and that is the serious problem of doll knock off scams. Last year they stole 8 of her dolls to copy and resell. We did not know how truly invasive it is, especially in the new born segment. Not only does it affecting the creators and their livelihood, but how it can also affect the health of the people and their families when these dolls are purchased, sometimes unbenowst to them that they are buying a knock off. Many or most of these dolls that are being copied, may not be going through any of regulations they need to do in order to make sure the materials they are using are safe. Some of those materials maybe toxic to you. We hope sharing this will help to expose what is happening and help to educate buyers on what to look for when purchasing certain dolls.
On our website you can find " 7 Tips to Avoiding Scam Doll Sales" that was shared with us by Ping Lau, that we have compiled and put into an infographic that you can access on our website at

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