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Join our conversation with Marie Georghy Jacob, Doll Artist & Owner of Atelier Miss Georgia Doll on In The Doll World, doll podcast as she shares her amazing and dedicated journey to becoming a doll artist
In early 2000, Marie started working in the fashion industry. It was by pure chance that she discovered the doll magazine BARBIE BAZAR, which gave rise to a whole new passion, that of collectible fashion dolls! Or was it?
The magazine highlighted the fascinating world of high-end dolls. In addition, many of these luxury dolls were created either by small companies or independent artists. Letting herself be mesmerized by these sublime creations. To fill a gap in the world of doll fashion design, Marie founded MARIE GEORGE MONTREAL, a contemporary clothing line specially created for Ellowyne Wilde dolls and the American Model (Tonner Doll).
Towards the end of 2011, she realized that her style and personality were absent. It was time for her to move on to a more exciting challenge. "I wanted to make my dolls with my standards of quality, aesthetics and, above all, that shared my bohemian and ethnic style with a contemporary touch."
January 2012, Marie made the leap by creating her very first doll heads in plasticine. With the help of various modeling books, including those of sculptors Philippe and Charisse Faraut and several DVDs by artists such as Patricia Rose, Jack Johnston, and Apryl Jensen, her first doll Clara, came to life. Then, in the years which followed, other BDJ dolls were born.
"Fashion is my life; textiles are my true vocation and dolls are my passion. It seems obvious to me that a marriage of these three was supposed to be."
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