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Georgette and I LOVE being part of the doll world! We are blessed every day in knowing you enjoy and support our show. For 18 months, we have carried In The Doll World by ourselves. We wanted to ensure 1) we would enjoy doing a podcast and 2) we could develop an audience. We are happy to say we both enjoy the show and have developed an audience! Actually, we do not see you merely as an audience. We see you as integral members of In The Doll World's family!
Now, we are reaching out to you and asking if you would like to support us financially by giving to In The Doll World via our PayPalMe account. The monies will be used to continue to create shows, purchase equipment, etc.--and hopefully--someday, we will be able to travel to do live shows and meet some of you in person! That would be INCREDIBLE! If you would like to support us via our PayPalMe account, you can access the button on our website; or, you can access our account directly via the link.
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Thank you for your continued support!
Much love from Tammy, Georgette, and In The Doll World
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