E013_What is the connection between your safety culture and unwritten rules?


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Unwritten Rules!
Have you ever questioned why things get done a certain way or how everyone else seems to know what is expected when there is no written rule or procedure?
They all seem to be doing the right thing, and you keep being looked at as if you are doing something wrong. However, you are not quite sure what that is.
Are you curious about why that is?
These are the things that just happen, and we almost don’t know about them - Unwritten Rules.

  • What does this mean for us in high-hazard industries?
  • How do unwritten rules influence how we behave?
  • What do we say is problem-solving?
  • And how do we react?
  • How do we change the unwritten rules that are not healthy or helpful?

Today we will explore some of these and more about unwritten rules.
Today's Emotional Gem, we re-visit… CURIOSITY, visit the Show Notes for the full explanation and resources on emotional literacy.

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