This Is How You THINK Better, Faster & More Effective Than EVER Before | Tom Bilyeu


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Being able to focus and think critically and strategically seems to become more challenging on a daily basis. With social media algorithms hacking your attention and focus and everyday life happening at record speeds, you have to become intentional and almost overly protective of your brain. Tom is executing and delivering at an elite level 365 days a year (366 on a leap year) and make no mistake this is by design. Today, he is sharing the 4 main ways he cares for and nurtures his cognitive skills. Taking care of your brain requires that you are aware of all the ways your mental performance is impacted. Tom is sharing exactly what he does on a daily basis as a way of life to keep leveling up and outperforming the competition.
Tom’s Push Pull Split Workout Routine
Day 1: Pull - Back & Biceps
Day 2: Push - Chest, Shoulders, & Triceps
Day 3: Lower Body/Core - Legs & Abs
0:00 | Introduction Brain Optimization
1:40 | Workout to Fuel the Brain
5:16 | Reset with Meditation
11:26 | Eat to Boost Brain Power
23:35 | Sleep to Clear & Reset You Mind
“Managing your neurochemistry is one of the single most important things you can do.” [5:49]
“Meditation is a magical way that nature has given us where you can reset that to absolute zero to where you feel completely calm and creative and anchored. It is truly a phenomenal gift of evolution” [6:24]
“You miss one night's sleep and there is a catastrophic cascade of biological problems that will present themselves rapidly.” [24:02]
“Being tired is a unique ring of hell, I do not understand people who are prepared to go their entire lives fatigue. It makes everything worse.”

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