The WORK ETHIC of these A-LIST Celebrities Will BLOW Your Mind


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You may be familiar with the saying work hard, play hard, but how does hard work translate to your work ethic? Work ethic is developed and is something that can be improved upon over time. Strong work ethic not only gets the job done, it pulls a driven person through some of the most difficult situations that would deter the common person from even trying. In this episode, you’re going to hear how some of Hollywood's most successful people have decades long careers with monumental success. If you think their talent was enough, guess again. These actors and actresses work just as hard at their skills and their craft as Michal Jordan or Kobe Bryant before the big game. Their successes speak of themselves.
“Hard work beats talent when talent doesn’t work hard” -Tim Notke
Hilary Swank (Becoming a Beast Competitor...):
John Travolta (True Meaning of Success):
Meagan Good (If You Want Something & Believe...):
Matthew McConaughey (Trick for Getting What You Want):
0:00 | Introduction to Work Ethic
1:22 | Hilary Swank: Get Competitive
10:15 | John Travolta: Handle People
22:10 | Meagan Good: Push the Limits
30:38 | Matthew McConaughey: Earn It
“Our biggest competitor is really ourselves [...] overcoming that obstacle of your mind is the number one thing to tackle in pursuing your dreams and your goals.” Hillary Swank [5:59]
“That is super important to be competitive with other people, because they're the ones that push us out of our comfort zone that we didn't even know we were living in.” Hillary Swank [8:24]
“You have to get rid of the people who don't want to play the same game as you do.” John Travolta [13:51]
“When you push yourself beyond what you think is capable, you suddenly realize how capable you are and you're able to just keep pushing and cranking.” Meagan Good [24:53]
“I want to be satisfied and thankful with this is good and this is enough, but I don't want to get comfortable in the sense of like, I know that I can access more. I want to access everything that there is for me to get until there's nothing left.” Meagan Good [28:08]
“So to actually have true freedom, we have to take certain risks. We have to be responsible, more responsible for certain things for ourselves, who we are constantly investigating and interrogating our better selves, to say I'm going to be a little bit better at this tomorrow.” Matthew McConaughey [42:55]

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