The BIG REASONS You Feel Lost In Life & How To FIND YOURSELF! | Jay Shetty


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It’s not ground breaking news that the world around you is super loud. Hearing your own thoughts and recognizing your own inner voice is near impossible if you don’t have a regular practice in place. With the right tools, the right resources and the right mindset you can turn down the external noise and increase your self-awareness.
Jay Shetty, former monk, best-selling author and podcast host, recommends that you start by changing your circle of people and refining your ‘why’. Having lived the life of a monk there are experiences and resources Jay shares that are super simple but serious work to implement.
Turning inward to become more self-aware and begin to develop the mental muscle you need to start forming your passion, your meaning and your purpose is a lot of work well worth the effort. Whether your passion is developed through pain or compassion, this episode is your sign to do the internal work needed to quiet society and chaos and learn from your higher self.
“I am not what I think I am, and I am not what you think I am. I am what I think you think I am.” -Charles Horton Cooley
Check out Jay Shetty’s book, Think Like A Monk:
0:00 | Introduction to Jay Shetty
0:08 | Master Your Self Awareness
20:01 | Nobody Shares This Lesson
44:28 | Find Your Purpose
1:04:09 | To Think Like a Monk
“Being able to reflect and observe the different voices inside of us is a great place to start your self-awareness because the biggest challenge for most of us is that we don’t know what we’re listening to.” [2:40]
“The problem is we have a list for the one that we want and we don’t have a list for what we need to become, and I don’t mean become to attract, I mean become to just be. Just get to know yourself.” [15:33]
“We think that when we’re full, we’re safe. Our ego makes us believe that when you’re full, when you think you know is all, that’s when you’re safe. The craziest thing is that’s when you are at your weakest.” [26:26]
“We need to have the awareness of developing the emotional skills that our parents didn’t have.” [32:33]
“The first step is just opening yourself up to new experiences and new role models.” [53:43]
“We live in this perception of a perception of ourselves, hence my identity is what my parents think I should be.” [54:28]
“Your passion is for you, your purpose is for others. Your passion makes you happy, but when you use your passion to make a difference in someone else’s life, that’s a service, that’s a purpose.” [1:03:52]
“You have to seek the love and the beauty in what you want in what you have now.” [1:13:38]
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