SPECIAL FEATURE: "The Future of Ag - North American Roundtable"


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In this week’s episode, we will be broadcasting a special feature in place of our regular weekly episode. We look forward to bringing you another year of Impact Farming Show episodes starting on Wednesday, January 6th.

This past fall, Tracy was honored to moderate a panel for the North American Ag Roundtable. This panel was focused on the people of agriculture and aptly titled “The Future of Agriculture & the People Who Keep it Growing - Employment, Education & Succession.”

As an industry, we know that the future of agriculture lies in the hands of our people. Is the next generation ready, though? We have many opportunities in the agriculture industry; however, we also have many challenges facing our industry. How do we give young people a chance at a future in ag? How do we help provide farmers with reliable employees? How do we support families transitioning during succession planning and execution?

During this panel, Tracy had the opportunity to interview some of our industry’s finest thought leaders in agriculture education, employment, and succession planning. We dove deep into these very questions, and our panel experts did not disappoint. Each expert brought their decades of experience to the table and left session attendees with many takeaways and ideas to ponder. The panel was so well received and wholly aligned with our show mission that we decided to rebroadcast this great session to our audience here on the Impact Farming Show. We hope you enjoy it.

As always, we would love to hear your thoughts on the episode. What was your biggest takeaway? Did you hear something in this episode that you would like to implement on your farm? Please drop us a note in the comments. We love forward to hearing from you.


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