Season 3 Countdown - 5th Place - "Transition Planning, The Underlying Issues" w/Art Lange


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We are celebrating The Impact Farming Show's 3rd Anniversary. To celebrate, we are counting down and rebroadcasting the TOP 5 episodes from season 3. This week we are excited to bring you the 5th highest listened to and watched episode, which was "Transition Planning, The Underlying Issues" w/Art Lange. This episode was originally aired on April 28, 2021. With so much uncertainty over the past year and a half, farm transitioning is definitely a big subject that is needed to be talked about around the table right now. We are grateful to have Art Lange join us in this episode, to help get the conversation rolling.

In this week’s episode, we speak to Art Lange about “The Underlying Issues” regarding transition planning. Are you ready for some real talk about why transition fails to get started? If so, you are in the right place. More often than not, it’s not things like taxes and wills that cause the senior generation to stall and avoid the subject. It’s rarely that. It’s often all the stuff that we don’t want to talk about…”The Underlying Issues,” and that is precisely what we are going to chat about today. In this episode, Tracy and Art discuss:

  • They discuss the three biggest obstacles for founders. Are you not getting anywhere with the founders of your farm? It’s likely one of these three reasons.
  • They discuss what happens if a family starts doing transition planning, and then it goes downhill into arguments and ill will. What then? Art provides some great suggestions.
  • Art shares how to deal with founders that refuse to discuss the subject.
  • We chat briefly about the five triggers of transition planning and why it’s critically important to plan before any of these triggers occur.

Are you frustrated with the transition planning, or lack thereof, on your farm? If so, this episode is for you. Whether you are a farm founder or the next generation looking to take over the farm, this episode is for you.

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