Rebroadcast - Episode 98: Transition Planning Secrets of Success - Gen 2 Successors w/Elaine Froese


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For this week’s episode of The Impact Farming Show, we have gone back into the episode vault to feature this second part in relation to last week's episode that Tracy and Elaine recorded on Transition Planning. It’s a perfect addition to our current transition planning series, so we wanted to re-broadcast it for our audience. Don’t miss this one…

In this week’s episode, “Transition Planning Secrets of Success for Gen 2 Successors,” Tracy and Elaine follow up on last week’s show with an episode geared to the unique challenges facing second-generation farm successors. Are you a Gen 2 Successor? Do you feel like your farm succession/transition plan is stuck in neutral? Maybe your parents refuse to discuss the subject, leaving you frustrated, resentful, and fearful for your future? If so, this episode is right for you. First off, it doesn’t need to be this way. Secondly, you don’t have to travel this path alone. Today’s guest, Elaine Froese, is here to help get the next generation unstuck. Elaine Froese is a farm family coach and has been helping farm families get unstuck when it comes to transition planning for over 40 years. Elaine Froese is often referred to as Canada’s Farm Whisperer. Those that know her well couldn’t agree more. She has a way in getting right to the heart of the matter and helping farm families succeed. It is our pleasure to have Elaine Froese joining us on the show again this week to share her wisdom and advice with the next generation. In this episode, Elaine focuses on critical areas and actions that Gen 2 should be focused on to start these courageous conversations and move the needle forward on their dreams. Did you catch last week’s episode? Whether you are a founder or a Gen 2 Successor, we encourage everyone to watch these back to back episodes so that both generations are on the same page when it comes to farm transition planning. You can find it

If a transition is on the horizon for your farm, PLEASE do not miss this episode...



Are you going through transition planning on your farm? If so, follow the links below to download Elaine’s “Farm Family Toolkit” containing 19 tools that will help you communicate better and grow stronger on your farm!


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