BONUS: Product Spotlight 02: “The Power of Peer Groups”


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In today’s product spotlight, Tracy speaks to Sara and Gavin from Backswath Management about “The Power of Peer Groups.” A very effective tool for personal and business growth is participation in a peer group. A strong peer group can help an individual recognize areas for growth and help them to achieve their goals. While peer groups are commonplace in the entrepreneurial World, the concept is still somewhat new to the agriculture industry. Join Tracy as she speaks to Sara and Gavin about all things peer group-related. They chat about:

  • How Backswath has been facilitating peer groups for many years already. They share more about how and why this concept came about and how it quickly became part of their services to farmers.
  • Sara shares more about the different types of peer groups they offer and who they are each geared towards.
  • They dive into the “Emerging Farm Managers Peer Group.” Sara shares more information on who it’s meant for and why they created this specific peer group.
  • Are you wondering what precisely a peer group does? If so, we have you covered. Sara and Gavin walk us through what this looks like in terms of meeting types, locations, topics, structure, goals, and so much more.
  • Gavin shares more about what he sees as the main benefits and reasons why a farmer would want to join a peer group.
  • To wrap up the episode, Sara shares some of the additional perks and exciting things they are working on for the Emerging Farm Managers Peer Group.

If this sounds interesting to you, make sure to tune into today’s episode and then click the link below to learn more about Backswath and their farmer peer group programs.


Thank You to our Product Spotlight: Backswath Management

Be accountable, be focused and feel supported while advancing your business. Backswath Management Peer Groups are a community of agriculture producers and professionals pushing the boundaries of their management practices. Let us help you take your operation to a higher level.


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