“Mental Health: It’s Time To Talk” w/Allan Kehler


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In this week’s episode titled “Mental Health: It’s Time To Talk,” Tracy speaks with Allan Kehler about his mental health journey. Allan speaks from a place of experience. His challenges with mental illness began at 14, but he struggled to put a voice to his challenges. He spent countless years suffering in silence while leading a life of self-destruction and addiction. Eventually, Allan was given one month to live. He quickly learned that if you want something different, you have to do something different. Allan gave himself permission to be vulnerable, took ownership of his life, and reached out to numerous supports. Today, Allan is one of Canada’s most sought-after speakers when it comes to the topic of mental health. He has stood on more than 500 stages and is recognized for his dynamic and captivating approach. Allan reminds us that when it comes to mental health, silence has never been the answer. The time to talk is NOW. Join Allan as he shares his story, including the challenges he has experienced, his journey and healing, and his words of wisdom to anyone that is suffering. You absolutely don’t want to miss this episode.



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