“How Protected Is Your Farm From Risk” w/Mathieu Lipari


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In this week’s episode, Tracy speaks with Mathieu Lipari in this episode titled “How Protected is Your Farm from Risk.” The agriculture industry can be described as “unpredictable” at its best and “volatile” at its worst. However, through careful analysis, strategy, and application, many of these potential vulnerabilities can be managed proactively to keep your farm safe. AgriShield is a powerful new tool that aims to do precisely that…. keep farms protected. In this episode, Tracy and Mathieu speak about:

  • What AgriShield is and why the tool was developed.
  • They discuss the many known and often overlooked risks that threaten farms.
  • Mathieu walks Tracy and the viewers through how the tool works, the benefits, and what farmers can expect from the program.
  • Mathieu shares that when producers look at farm risk, it’s often in silos. Crop insurance, farm insurance etc. He shares that AgriShield is different. It’s a comprehensive tool that looks at the big picture of ALL risks on the farm. It looks at every area, helps farmers pinpoint the most urgent risks on the farm, and works to provide farmers with action plans and resources on addressing each specific risk.

Are you interested in learning more about risk management to protect your farm? If so, you will not want to miss this episode.


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