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In this week’s episode, Tracy speaks with Dick Wittman about “Farm HR Essentials.” Have you ever wondered what HR processes you should be incorporating on your farm? If so, today’s episode is for you. In this episode, Tracy and Dick discuss:

  • We discuss the importance of farm business management processes including some of the most important HR practices that farms should be following.
  • When is the time to implement HR practices on your farm? Is this for “small” family farms with just a few family members farming, or is this only for large operations?
  • We discuss implementing culture and how things such as core values can help align individuals on your farming operation.
  • They discuss some of the core HR areas, including; job contracts, hiring family, firing family, wage reviews, and how to handle returning family members with a family participation policy.
  • Dick then ties together the value of solid farm business practices and how this can help families transition their farm to the next generation much more successfully than those farms that do not have a strong business focus on their farm.

If you are looking to strengthen your farm business management skills, you won’t want to miss this episode.


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