BONUS: Expert's Corner 03: The Value of a Grain Marketing Advisor


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In this interview, Tracy and Derek discuss precisely that. They discuss:

  • What is a grain marketing advisor, and what do they do?
  • Where do they fit into the bigger picture of the grain marketing cycle?
  • Why do producers hire a marketing advisor? Derek’s answers may surprise you, as increased crop revenue is only just one of the goals that many farmers are looking to achieve from hiring an advisor. Derek shares the value that he and his fellow grain marketing advisors are looking to bring their clients.
  • Tracy and Derek also end up chatting about one of the benefits of an advisor that many producers truly appreciate, especially during challenging crop years like 2021. What is that benefit? It’s the ability for farmers to have someone to speak to during the good times and the bad. Making tough decisions in tough years is stressful and having an unbiased third party to talk to about these decisions can really lighten the mental burden.
  • They chat about how to connect with an advisor if you are looking to add to your team of trusted professionals.

Are you a grain producer? Are you looking to make smart grain decisions and maximize your revenue? If so, you won’t want to miss this segment.

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