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⚫ Are you ready to gaze into the abyss? There are forgotten and secret holes across our planet that leave us with more questions than answers. Are some of these holes actually portals to other places or other times? Can you even HANDLE the earth-shattering paradigm-shifting truths these holes confront us with? From Moonshaft to Babia Gora, and all the way to the middle of the desert where space-time might not play by the same rules. Join us as we delve into the dark, dark depths in this episode of I’m Scared But I Like It.

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📷 Images/Video

Moonshaft drawings

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📚 Main Sources

The Moonshaft

Ted talking about the Moonshaft

Babia Gora

The Magnocraft

Yan’s website, specifically UFO proof

“Searching for Arizona's Buried Treasures” by Ron Quinn

Doorway of the Gods forum

Ron Quinn article


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